Precision Nutrient Management from Agronomy Solutions offers a complete soil nutrient testing and mapping service, which provides a detailed understanding of the major nutrients and pH levels in each part of the paddock.  The resulting comprehensive map & spreading files provide a more accurate delivery of nutrients to the specific areas that need it, assisting with increased yield and profitability. This service benefits cropping farmers & dairy farmers alike in maximising growth potential to ensure effective management of crops and grass. Our Precision Soil Mapping Service is a tried and tested system that has been applied in the UK for many years.  Agronomy Solutions has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Roger Lasham provides  a comprehensive and in depth agronomy consultancy service.  The combination of his many years experience in the agricultural industry, and firsthand knowledge of farming practices in both the UK and New Zealand mean that Roger has specific expertise to offer, to consult to both sole owners and larger scale organisations.

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